Frequent pipeline ruptures and pumping equipment failures lead to the lack of heating and water supply interruptions.In this case, the equipment often experiences excessive loads due to the lack of current water flow control associated with regulating the network pressure by throttling, i.e. changing the pipeline inlet section through opening/closing of gate valves.

Water supply automation and installation of pump soft starters and variable frequency converters make it possible to reduce the risk of pipeline ruptures, protect pumping equipment, and save water and electricity.

Automation of technological processes makes it possible to improve the quality of manufactured products and increase the enterprise capacity.Rosavtomatizatsiya performs a full range of operations required for comprehensive automation.Our specialists have extensive experience in the development and implementation of projects in various industries, possess all the necessary permits and approvals, and regularly attend professional courses.

Since 2008 Rosavtomatizatsiya has been constructing domestic sewage treatment plants, producing and supplying units of processing equipment, as well as performing all the necessary installation, start-up, commissioning and performance tuning operations.

Rosavtomatizatsiya designs automation systems, instrumentation, SCADA systems, low voltage equipment (complete automation, control and dispatch cabinets), pumping stations, domestic sewage treatment plants, transformer substations, pavilions made of metal structures and other capital construction facilities, as well as original equipment if requested by the Customer.

Since 2013 Rosavtomatizatsiya has been enjoying exclusive rights to supply the products of the Italian company TecnoElettricaRavasi (TER), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for lifting machines, within the CIS territory.

Rosavtomatizatsiya LLC (OOO Rosavtomatizatsiya) performs work on installation of electrical equipment, metal and wooden structures in accordance with all the applicable rules and regulations in the field of work safety, and possesses all the necessary work permits issued by the self-regulatory construction organization. The company employees are regularly trained in electrical safety and are highly qualified specialists. Installation work is carried out according to the convenient schedule, as agreed upon with the Customer.

Rosavtomatizatsiya does not finish maintaining facilities with the end of installation, start-up and commissioning operations. The company strictly fulfills its obligations for warranty and post-warranty maintenance: Should any malfunctions or emergencies be detected, the company employees will immediately visit your site at any time convenient for you, even in the middle of the night. Our goal is not only to eliminate these malfunctions, but also to prevent their occurrence in future, because we are committed to protecting your interests..

Rosavtomatizatsiya is always ready to fulfill the following orders:

- Development and production of non-standard items and metal structures;
- Production of parts on the basis of the Customer’s drawings;
- Design documentation release;

Single-item and small-batch production.
Mechanical processing, assembly, design engineering.

Rosavtomatizatsiya is always ready to fulfill the following orders:

- Production and assembly of wooden items;
- Production, assembly and completing of cable reels of any size (including non-standard items);

Single-item and small-batch production.
Minimum production time.